Friday, February 1, 2008

The Journey: A Glimpse of Thy Ice Kingdom

Whoah! Finally I'm able to see the inside of Ice Wizard's Tower on my own. Well it was not an easy task to open that abominable but beautiful tower. You have to finish a part of the "Katovic Snowfields' Quest" first. That day some faction co-members were able to check my location and was really amazed to know that I was inside. They were starting to call me "Mamaw" which is in fact I'm not, I'm just a weakling. And you can see clearly on the images I took below how easily I died when I went inside, one hit K.O. >.< Yet I was really mersmerized by this tower's glamorous interior. Everything is tinted in blue, with walls made of ice crystals. I feel like I'm in some kind of Ice Theme Park, with monsters.

One hit by a petty mob and dead. Aargh!

Look at that killing stats. Brrrr.

There were just 2 types of mobs inside the tower's first floor, the cold but sexy Glacial Valkyries Lvl 112 (which comes in different types: Fighter - wielding double sword right in the middle, Elementalist - second from the left, Wizard - on the left holding a rod, and Scout - wielding double dagger at the far center) and the ugly, yes ugly, funny looking demon Eldum Lvl 112 with big head and tiny wings hopping around (its hand showing in the first picture). I wanted to look around but unfortunately they won't just let anyone wander without picking a fight, sorry for me. T.T If anyone unprepared dares they'll be frozen meat.

Well, if you really are curious on how it looks inside, read my edited guide on how you can access the Ice Wizard's Tower:

First, talk to Ludeza Vishihah at I/J6 of Katovic Snowfield. He will introduce himself and give you the first quest

1) The Missing Village - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Find 2 boxes and a cask. Go over to I4 and click on all of them. On one of the boxes a Snow Storm Apparition will appear and attacks (easy kill).

Return to Ludeza for the reward

2) The Investigation of Strange Waters - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp) and 1 Manzana Filler

Click on the 3 Eltetah (tree like thing). Go all the way up to C3. Click on the 3 Eltetah and receive Golden Apples. Some Snow Storm Apparitions will appear when you click on them. They will not harm you if you don't attack them.

Give the Golden Apples to Ludeza and received the reward

3) Snow Storm Apparition - Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Kill 50 of them to get Eye of the Ghost (slightly rare quest drop), common mob at Frozen Plain (lvl 108 and above)

Return to Ludeza for the reward.

4) Avalanche Apparition - Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Kill an Avalanche Apparition Lvl 114 to get a Red Jewel Fragment (Luckily I don't have to face this monster 'cause I got two Red Jewel Fragments by just exchanging Strange Minerals at Port of Bahia)

Bring the Red Jewel Fragment to Ludeza

5) The Power From An Unknown World - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (88k exp) and access to Ice Wizard's Tower

Place the Red Jewel Fragment in the Heart of Ryrin (E6 in a cave at the Frozen Plain)

Return to Ludeza for your reward and he will then grants you access to the Ice Wizard Tower. (easy huh?)

Go to the Snowfield of the Ice Wizard at K5 (not an easy journey, you will be crossing a landmine of deadly monsters. Ouch! >.<) then talk to the Ice Statue at the entrance. YOU CAN ONLY SEE THE ICE STATUE AT CHANNEL 1

It will then allow you to enter the Ice Wizard Tower.

Hooray! And that is it. You can now see the tower's hidden beauty and start to feel like "Mamaw". LOLS. Hope to see you there guys. ^^