Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Journey: One Lucky Day

First encounter with Guerrero. Ouch, he really hits bad.

It was the last day of my free 90-day gameplay. I went to Warzone in L.Guinto and bought some cards to reload my account when I felt an urge to play for at least an hour. And so I did, even if I am sleepy because of the last night's work at a call center. I am actually not in the mood to grind for just an hour so I just spent my time doing MM window shopping. Then suddenly in the Faction's chat window, a factionmate posted the appearance of Gurrero at channel 2 Gehenna Bridge. It wasn't my first time joining Guerrero Raid, as you can see above I died several times. I went immediately, equipped with my LOAA +94% attack to demons (cool huh? ^^). As expected, my fighter died ( my characters are only level 95 that time with no elite equips ) but my wizard was able to survive because she can fight in range. I can see the HP of Guerrero going down until loots scattered on the floor. I was really surprised to see one item highlighted with my family name. Wow! It's a wooden controller. ^^ Haha. It was my first time to get a Raid Boss loot and it was a very good one. It was really one lucky day. Now I'm more eager to join boss hunting, hoping to get elites next time.

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