Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Journey: Outcasts Faction, the Faction Quests

It was Saturday, and as planned, we did our Faction Quest LVL 51 and 52. We started it by taking pictures of the group.

Hey, Where are my characters?

Anyway, after those say-cheese moments, we headed to Vegas Javier and prepared for the Great Hill Giant (GHG)

Actually, I have no intention to fight. I just wanna take some screenshots. :P

A close up of my characters.

And there is the Great Hill Giant. Stepping on me like i am just one of Catherine's dolls.


It was then time to face the Chrysallis.

13 brave people willing to sacrifice their lives. Lols.

See how willing we are to die?

After passing through many Fallen Champions and Vladimirs, we managed to meet Dr. Fran Morthein and defeated him. We then fought and cooked the Chicken-winged Chrysallis. Yummy!

Burp! It was then time to rest and prepare for the last fight. It's a bit crowded though inside Princess' room.

Too crowded that when it was time to start the last mission my PC crushed down and I never got to join. *sob* Well the story won't be complete if I don't post at least a screenshot of what happened inside. Above is a shot taken by our deputy †Bayushi†. Thanks fafs! And cheers to our faction -- Go Outcasts! :D

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