Friday, November 2, 2007

Viki the Summoner

Alright, I'm sure much of you notice in GE Ver. 2.4 Trailer this cute little dog-loving boy, Viki. Well who says it is not spectacular to see a boy summoning a huge Stone Giant. And like Scouts, he heals,resurrects and buffs as well. This is really a character worth a barrack slot.

STR 4 AGI 5 HP 4 DEX 5 INT 5 CHA 5
Personal Skill : Healing
No weapon: First Aid, Fortitudo
Pendant: Amicus, Testis(Vet stance)

Summoning Stance Description
Amicus :
Level 1 - Call Turrydog : Cost 50 SP, no cast time.
Level 10 - Summon Hill Giant : Cost 300 SP and 1 Hill Giant Summon Stone
Level 20 - Summon Ararat : Cost 600 SP and 20 Otite Pieces
Testis(Veteran) :
Level 1 - Call Turrydog
Level 10 - Summon Treasure Golem : Cost 300 SP and 1 Treasure Core
Level 15 - Summon Tachyon : Cost 450 SP and 1 Moisting Core
Level 20 - Summon Iron Ararat : Cost 600 SP and 30 Otite Pieces

If your interested to get this little guy, here is a complete quest guide on how, some parts courtesy of Southernsky.

You can only start Viki's quest on a Wednesday wherein Dr. Torsche is at Viki's House in El Tejado Verde. Here is the quest guide:

Part I:Go to Viki's House (Tejado Verde, G3). Talk to Dr Torsche. Talk to Viki. Talk twice to any boy or girl in Reboldoeux. They'll then ask you to go talk Diego and Lisa.

Part II:Talk to Diego about Robot R 90
--- Hunt Wild Boars at Cathari Falls for 20 Wildboar's Molar
--- Crate Octopus at Jezebel Glen for 20 Laminated Jezebelium
--- Phobitan Warrior at Tetra Great Ruins for 5 Roboten Jewels
--- Bring all these items to Diego, and he'll build Robot R90

Part III:Talk to Lisa about Cacao
--- She'll ask you to bring 300 Cabosse, found on any Phobitan to the Old Lady Cabosse, Coimbra G10. She needs regular Cabosse, not quest items, so you can hunt these at any time or keep those you got when crossing Tetra Hills/Ruins/Grand Corridor, Lago Celeste, Rio Alibi, or Vegas Javier.
--- The Old Lady Cabosse transforms 300 Cabosse into 50 Cacao Mass and 50 Cacao Butter
--- Bring Cacao Mass and Cacao Butter to Lisa. She'll take it and 5.000 vis and make Cacao Sonador.

Part IV:Bring Cacao Sonador and Robot R90 to Viki. Reward, 3 Exp Card lvl 70 (64.000)
--- A mission will start. On a Picnic with Viki, Torsche and Ulrik, you get attacked by tons of Spiders.
--- After defeating Spiders, it would appear that Cherlyn is behind all this . Cherlyn summons a Treasure Golem (lvl 60, 80.000 HP). You can fight it away from Cherlyn if you can't handle those 2 enemies.
--- At a certain moment, Viki will summon Ararat, which will help you defeat Cherlyn. Once the battle is over, go talk to Ararat. You'll get a Heart of Steel.
--- After you finished the mission, talk back to Viki, he'll reward you with a lvl 64 Enchantment Chip.

Part V:Talk to Ulrik, he will ask you to go for a hunt :
--- Hornets at Stone Pit for 100 Trasinix Jewels
--- Sickle Dragonfly Larvae at Ferrucio Junction for 100 Koenig Jewels
--- Little Comodo at Cathari Falls for 100 Sterten Chrome
Bring everything back to Ulrik. He'll ask you another hunt
--- Lightning Striped Spider at El Tejado Verde for 100 Molythea Block
--- Little Plaque Rouge at Tetra Hill for 100 Fire Cube
--- Corlian Slasher at El Lago de Tres Hermanas for 100 Graft Block

Part VI:Bring everything back to Ulrik. He'll ask for 1 Mamund and 1 Strong Heart. For the Strong Heart go talk to Dr Torsche in his mansion (not the one in the Cabin, if it's still wednesday).
Dr Torsche asks for 100 Otite Chips (regular item, not quest item) and 20 pieces of each Strange item (rare drops of some Torsche's Mansion's monsters, not quest items, so you can hunt at any time) :
- 20 Strange Spring
- 20 Strange Tube (Drop by Hollow Footman)
- 20 Strange Gear (Drop by Haunted Candles and Haunted Desk)
- 20 Strange Hinge (Drop by Haunted Desk)
- 20 Strange Clock (Drop by Lloyd and Haunted Book)
Once you got everything, bring it back to Dr Torsche in his manor and receive 1 Strong Heart and 1 Summon.
For the Mamund, go to Pradera de Ceniza (map lvl 60-62) and hunt for the mini-boss, Violent Gehcos (one big dog level 65).
The Mamund will drop at low chance.

Part VII: Bring Mamund and Strong Heart to Ulrik, who will take it, and all the quest items you gathered for him this far.
--- Then talk to Viki and you'll be transported to a mission : after a short talk, just kill Cherlyn and her Hill Giant (very easy fight).
--- Talk to Ulrik, and after the discussion, Ulrik will ask you to take care of Viki : you now have Viki Card (and Amicus book) ! Congratulations !

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