Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey to the Land of the Giants: Part 1

When I've heard that the Great Hill Giant (GHG) that guards the gate to Tierra Putrefacta had fallen, I quickly took a trip to Bahama Marshlands Underground Cave. I don't want to miss the chance to set my eyes upon the beautiful yet deadly realm of Tierra Putrefacta. When I finally set foot at the place, my eyes were mesmerized by huge crystals glowing everywhere. It was like when I first entered the Ice Wizard's Tower. Yeah, these two places both offers a lovely view, but their inhabitants were not as lovely as them. Huge and deadly, my experts characters feels like back to level 1 again. They really hurt bad with their 62 AR/DR. Even with 30 AR weapons some of my attacks misses. Well enough of them, I didn't came to the place for some mob fight. As what I really enjoy in this game, doing quests is what I came here for. But wait, this is the land of giants. Where can I see that big stone head that was posted in the GE website? I continued wandering around the place until I'm able to reach the highest peak in the map and there I see the Stone Head. *eyes full* It was really a great view. Thumbs up to those who made and designed this map.

The Giant Stone Head

Well enough of sight-seeing, it's time to do some quest. I have no idea where to start so I tried doing the Researcher's quest first.
He first asked me to kill some of the mobs because they're scaring his subjects - Achorchados. Isn't Achorchados one of the mobs? Anyways I did what he asked. Then he asked me to gather some foods for the Achorchados in exchange for their Amber. I think they're cute so I did what the resercher asked me.
Golden Leaves can be gathered in Ustiur Zona Tres C4.
For the Golden Egg Fruits, I went to Estevan's Farm.

Well, that was so easy. I received an Achorchado Amber as reward.

Of course I'm so excited to try it out. I went to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge and summoned Achorchado. It's really cute. I wonder how come it doesn't give me Anti-Magic Shell Buff like what it says in the description.

Well maybe because its not threatened, so I summoned some Skullic Warriors, played dead on the ground (lol, I wanna make Achorchado think I need its help) And it did gave AMS buff and starts firing lightning to the enemies.

Go Achorchado!!!

I think it loves being pictured. Smile! ^_^

This is the first part of my journey. I did read some post in the GE forums about how to start the Chaos Requem quest. I did managed to get to the part where I must farm for some Amethyst piece. Can't do it yet however because it's hard to stay in Tierra Putrefacta. I'll do it after I get enough good equips. I'll post my screenies about the Chaos Requem quest next time. I'll play with Achorchado first. ^_^

Friday, August 8, 2008

And Novia finally falls...

Well actually she just ran away. No one yet can solo the power of the ice queen, but as part of Gavin's quest, pioneers are given a chance to feel how chilly this boss is, thanks to the veteran's buffs. As expected it wasn't easy. I tried several times before I successfully defeated her. Strategy is a must.

How did it goes when I fought her? Of course a lot of preparations were made first. The usual strategy is to tank and let your elem do the killing. Because Novia is almost impenetrable with physical attacks. I brought my expert fighter to do the tanking. He was just wearing a +5 Elite 84 Plate Mail with 3DR (metal armor is a no-no in this fight because resistance is very low but I have no choice T.T), Pioneer Mystic Shield and Pioneer Mystic Sword (actually any sword will do or blunt, the important thing is the fighter must use either High Guard or Defender stance) I didn't use the Wiseman's Necklace. It's not really necessary. Now for my elem, she is just wearing a +5 Elite 84 Alegrias with 3DR, a +4 Elite 92 Skullic Bracer with 36% ATK and ,believe or not, a +5 Bracelet of Thor with 50% ATK (see how inexpensive the items I used, well that is compared to those who wears elite 92 and level 100 armors and weapons, I didn't even used any +1 AR or DR wings, I'm poor to make it simple) The third character I brought is my scout wearing +5 elite 84 Naranja with 22% max HP, scout is very important here because of his buffs. Intensify and Fortify rings are required to get additional 1 AR and DR. And not just the buffs, Recover and Mass cure skills are also needed in this fight.

What to do:

1. Once you enter the quest, after the loading screen QUICKLY buff Fortify. This will increase your chance of surviving the first blow of Novia's minions. Make sure you are in individual mode and select fighter as leader. Point the cursor to the front so that the fighter will move forward once the fight starts. After the long talk (it consumed 2 minutes of my time) between the NPCs, if you manage to survive the first attack, spam pots to regain the lost HP, provoke the mobs and lure them to one side away from your scout and elem. Then buff Intensify, Meditation, Hrin's Potion, and if you have one use also a Triumph Filler.

2. After completing your buffs, change your scout stance to First-Aid, buff your elem with Enchanted Arm and Elemental Penetration (it would really help if you have rings for both to get additional 2 AR for your elem) then start attacking the mobs with lightning spells. With my weapons it only took me 3 minutes to finish the 3 mobs and Montoro. Don't forget to spam mass cure to keep your family's HP up. 15 minutes left to finish the quest. Gavin was still alive when I attacked Novia. You must position the fighter with his back facing one of the ice pillars so that when Novia uses her knockback ice skill your fighter will not be thrown far away. Focus your elem's attack to Novia but do not put her close to your fighter because Novia's normal attack has splash damage. Position your scout away but not too far so that his recover and mass cure skills can still reach both of your other characters. Check the first screenshot below to see how I positioned my characters.

3. Just keep on spamming Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm skills, do not forget to buff Enchanted Arm and Elemental Penetration. Spam mass cure if needed. Recover if your fighter gets frozen. Keep this for 13 minutes and you will see Novia's HP already down to half. Selva and Gavin will suddenly appear and after a short talk, well I didn't really see it but somehow Gavin got injured badly, then Montoro and Novia disappears. Invierno will then come to the scene. You must talk to him and he will ask you to see him in his spot in Frozen Plains. There he will ask you to give him katovic soup to cure Gavin. After that you will be asked to visit Simon Ayende in City of Auch. Then after a short scene, Simon will tell Gavin to join your family and wallah! you will receive Gavin Jameson card, some epic glaziums, and a level 100 chip. ^_^

Novia's Final Blow

I wonder if Invierno is the one who really scared Novia and Montoro
Victory for Christus Family!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Outcasts Dominates!!!

It's overflowing with surprises last Sunday. Whew! Well, first, I would like to congratulate E-Games for their successful Domination II: E-Games 2nd Anniversary event. Everybody really had a good time last Sunday inspite of the heat and chaotic crowd that are inevitable in such big events. A big congrats and thanks also to IAHGames especially to RCM Hrin for being able to come and join us avid GE Filipino gamers in this very special day. We hope this will not be the last time we will be seeing you guys.

It was really a BIG day not only for E-Games or IAHGames but for the Outcasts Faction as well. Recognizing our effort in maintaining a group of Pinoy GE gamers with goal of not just creating a close relationship between local players but also of building friendships and camaraderie, and of providing a memorable experience and knowledge to new and old players of GE.

Everyone in Outcasts was very happy when we received the awards. Im sure everybody who's present that day will really feel the energy. We seemed not tired and hungry at all, lol, but who would think of other things if you could see how your efforts are being paid off. ^_^

Anyways, here are the awards that we have won last Sunday.

*Most Active Pinoy Faction*

*Most Loyal Pinoy Faction*

*Best Faction Banner*

Unfortunately our players for the Tournament didn't make it to the top slot but they did their best and we are proud of them. ^_^

And not only the faction received awards that day, but some of our members too received their respective awards for being GE Community Heroes. ( I hope I'll be chosen next time, lol) Congrats to deEspania, iCez (salamat sa sisig, hehe), Kincaid, and Sigrid.

CM Veya, deEspania and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, iCez, and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, Kincaid, and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, Sigrid, and RCM Hrin

The winning banner! OC! OC! OC! =p

OC with CM Veya and RCM Hrin ( we didn't fit the screen, lol, we're too many )

Another picture before leaving SMX

We were planning to stay longer, but it's CW day and it's the start of the War of the Factions 2 in-game event. We really can't afford to miss it, so off we go to I-Hooked in Buendia and prepared our team for the big fight.

And we were really so lucky, because after several weeks, the Republicans made their mark again in the GE Map. Congrats to OC and All-Stars.

CW result 06 April 2008

Everything that happened that day gives a good start for OC. To my factionmates, let us continue dominating guys! Thanks again to E-Games and IAHGames. More power to you and to Granado Espada. ^_^

Special thanks to NineMoons, Gustavo of OC, and Sigrid of OC for the pictures.

Friday, April 4, 2008

War by Numbers

It's a numbers game. It's true that having few members will be hard for a faction to win a war. You may try doing what Spartans did but guys this is Granado Espada not some Greek or Roman War.

There are ways to fight this weakness.

What are Catherine Summoners, Diegos, Angies, Jacks, Vikis, Barons, and Ambers/Valkyries are created for?

Catherine the Summoner, the One Army Lady

(*)dolls are great breakers, imagine each or most of the members in the faction having Caths summoning her army of dolls. That's wicked. ^_^
(*)dolls can attack disabled enemies, whether stunned, feared, burned, shocked, frozen, knocked down, there is no time-out with these dolls
(*)defensive system, dolls are not created just to attack. they are in another way act as defense to the team. dolls can absorb damages from AOE attacks (although they die easily) giving the team higher chance of survival.
(*)counter-attack team. dolls are hard hitters we all know that. and they can counter enemy spells. the more the dolls the less chance for enemies to cast their skills

It's very advisable to have at least one Catherine Summoner in each family. Imagine at least 30 caths summoning 9 dolls each. That's 270 dolls guys plus the 30 Caths equals 300. Its like having 3 factions with complete members each. Spartans? Scary.

Diego/Angie/Jack, the con..err..destruction team

(*)Diego and Angies's blades are, of course, the best colony breakers as discovered by Mistress Hrin. The giant blenders as what they are now called.
(*)But their stance are named Defensive Construction, why, because these blades are really meant for defense. I know most of us experienced the faction quest inside Prison de Joaquin, you noticed the blades right? They hurt bad and they can knock you down if they catch you. These blades are used to prevent melee attackers from getting in. And for the range attackers, that's when Musketeers, Bernelli, Brunie and other shooters gets into the scene. That is also why in this stance you got the Concentration Ward to help increase the damage and accuracy of these shooters while taking refuge inside the blades for possible melee attacks.
(*)Jacks cannons are not as good as blades in breaking a colony because they are slow but are good for killing approaching enemies. And of course his Wards are really helpful in increasing your survival by staying within their range.
(*)And like dolls, their constructions can also serve as defense by taking damages from enemies. They of course got fences that are really meant to take damages.

Viki, the Boss Summoner a.k.a. Lagger Creator

(*)his summons also add numbers to team, serving as damage dealers and tankers. Because of their high HP they can survive longer than our normal characters or Cath's dolls or Diego/Angie/Jack's constructions. They are also great disablers because of their AOE attacks.
(*)and why keep on complaining about lag if you can use it against your enemies. Yeah Viki's summons are the most annoying of all because it blocks everyones view and also creates great lag to the game. -evil-
(*)Viki can be a substitute to scout. Although he is weaker, why keep one scout if you can have Viki and his summon. It's a Numbers Game, right?

The Barons, Kurt and Eduardo, help! reap! reap! help!

(*)they are just like Viki, their Reapers are good damage dealers and tankers because of their high HP, also with their rapier/saber skills they are also fast attackers (very useful in breaking), they are soft though.

Ambers/Valkyries, summons galore

(*)It must be compulsory that each faction member summons a Valkyrie or an Amber during CW's. These can also add numbers to team, and you guys now already know how beneficial it is.
(*)Low-level Valkyries would be enough if there's not much vis available.
Valkyries are really good breakers.
(*)Ambers specially those of Golden Spiders, Sabel Tiger, Giant Comodo, Fallen Champion, etc. are really must-haves. If you don't have summoners in the team, just summon these bosses to add number and see them kill and tank for you.

Now, you think a faction of at least 20 members will not be able to conquer a colony with these? ^_^

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet Golden Spidey, your friendly neighbor

Among ambers, the Golden Spider Amber is the easiest one to get. You just have to take the colony quest at Lago Celeste H6 and then kill 10 GS and then you'll get the amber.

It's easy because you just have to hunt it down in its lair inside a cave J4 across the bridge of spiders in Lago Celeste.

It respawns approx. every 21 minutes after the last kill in the same area on both channels. You can do the quest in squads so instead of getting just 1 amber for your family, other families from your faction or alliance can also get their own. There is a huge competition though with other players. But if you just use your fast attacking/ high damage dealing characters, it will be a sure win.

Make sure you can solo this monster with its stat or you'll have little luck competing with others.

Die Spidey Die!

And that's not just it, this boss sometimes gives very good loots (I got an HOD ring, some level 92 and 96 unique items and an Elite Bracelet of Neptune during my hunt, one time a close friend of mine got a unique level 92 Dragon Coat with good stat) Go and start your hunt. Good luck. ^_^


Its maintenance time again. Waah! Anyway I think it's the right time for me to take a look on what has been happening to my family.
I've been focusing much on my fighter now, acknowledging his importance in boss raids and pvp's. I know it's the weapon and armor that I've been missing on him. But where the hell can I get the stuffs the I need if I don't have that much vis. *sob*
After checking my inventory, selling all old stuffs that I think I will no longer need, I'm able to accumulate 200M vis, but sadly its not enough to dress up my beloved fighter.
Then I tried my luck looking at what MM had in store. And here are the stuffs that I got.

Same AR as a +5 Pizzaro although has less damage = 45 million vis

My own crafted shield.

A cheap level 36 shield +5 chipped until I get this awesome stat giving my fighter additional 3DR

My fake Elite Plate Mail. = 100 million vis vs the real one at 300+ million vis

+5 level 96 KOTT with +1DR gives same DR as level 84 Elite Plate Mail.

I'll definitely make this a +6 ^_^

Oops, where did I get this? LOL

My very first real L337 weapon.

I still have 30 Pure Otites reserved for another L337 weapon but I'm still thinking which one to get or should I just sell it to get vis enough to buy me my own Pizzaro. We'll see. ^_^

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Journey: A Glimpse of Thy Ice Kingdom

Whoah! Finally I'm able to see the inside of Ice Wizard's Tower on my own. Well it was not an easy task to open that abominable but beautiful tower. You have to finish a part of the "Katovic Snowfields' Quest" first. That day some faction co-members were able to check my location and was really amazed to know that I was inside. They were starting to call me "Mamaw" which is in fact I'm not, I'm just a weakling. And you can see clearly on the images I took below how easily I died when I went inside, one hit K.O. >.< Yet I was really mersmerized by this tower's glamorous interior. Everything is tinted in blue, with walls made of ice crystals. I feel like I'm in some kind of Ice Theme Park, with monsters.

One hit by a petty mob and dead. Aargh!

Look at that killing stats. Brrrr.

There were just 2 types of mobs inside the tower's first floor, the cold but sexy Glacial Valkyries Lvl 112 (which comes in different types: Fighter - wielding double sword right in the middle, Elementalist - second from the left, Wizard - on the left holding a rod, and Scout - wielding double dagger at the far center) and the ugly, yes ugly, funny looking demon Eldum Lvl 112 with big head and tiny wings hopping around (its hand showing in the first picture). I wanted to look around but unfortunately they won't just let anyone wander without picking a fight, sorry for me. T.T If anyone unprepared dares they'll be frozen meat.

Well, if you really are curious on how it looks inside, read my edited guide on how you can access the Ice Wizard's Tower:

First, talk to Ludeza Vishihah at I/J6 of Katovic Snowfield. He will introduce himself and give you the first quest

1) The Missing Village - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Find 2 boxes and a cask. Go over to I4 and click on all of them. On one of the boxes a Snow Storm Apparition will appear and attacks (easy kill).

Return to Ludeza for the reward

2) The Investigation of Strange Waters - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp) and 1 Manzana Filler

Click on the 3 Eltetah (tree like thing). Go all the way up to C3. Click on the 3 Eltetah and receive Golden Apples. Some Snow Storm Apparitions will appear when you click on them. They will not harm you if you don't attack them.

Give the Golden Apples to Ludeza and received the reward

3) Snow Storm Apparition - Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Kill 50 of them to get Eye of the Ghost (slightly rare quest drop), common mob at Frozen Plain (lvl 108 and above)

Return to Ludeza for the reward.

4) Avalanche Apparition - Reward: 1 lvl 90 exp card (85k exp)

Kill an Avalanche Apparition Lvl 114 to get a Red Jewel Fragment (Luckily I don't have to face this monster 'cause I got two Red Jewel Fragments by just exchanging Strange Minerals at Port of Bahia)

Bring the Red Jewel Fragment to Ludeza

5) The Power From An Unknown World - Reward: 3 lvl 90 exp card (88k exp) and access to Ice Wizard's Tower

Place the Red Jewel Fragment in the Heart of Ryrin (E6 in a cave at the Frozen Plain)

Return to Ludeza for your reward and he will then grants you access to the Ice Wizard Tower. (easy huh?)

Go to the Snowfield of the Ice Wizard at K5 (not an easy journey, you will be crossing a landmine of deadly monsters. Ouch! >.<) then talk to the Ice Statue at the entrance. YOU CAN ONLY SEE THE ICE STATUE AT CHANNEL 1

It will then allow you to enter the Ice Wizard Tower.

Hooray! And that is it. You can now see the tower's hidden beauty and start to feel like "Mamaw". LOLS. Hope to see you there guys. ^^

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Journey: Who's the Boss?

It's time for you guys to know who the bosses are on each map, uhm for your own safety. c",)V

Reboldoeux Stone Pit - no boss

Ferrucio Junction - Hill Giant

Al Quelt Moreza - Violent Hound Leader

Al Quelt Moreza Nartex - Cerbera, Togat Huganoid

Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage - Siegmund, Togat Huganoid

Al Quelt Moreza Hollow - Dilos Latemn

The Cathari Falls - Skullic Leader

King's Garden - Skullic Leader

Tetra Hills - Phobitan Imp Leader

Tetra Grand Corridor - Phobitan Chieftain

Tetra Catacomb - Siegmund, Pollux

Tetra Golden Road - Castor

Tetra Antiquities Room - Treasure Golem (key required)

Jezebel Glen - no boss

Porto Bello - no boss

Porto Bello Deck - Merman Chieftain, Escudo Percher

Porto Bello Cabin - Siegmund, Norsair Captain

Porto Bello Hold - Parsiar Captain

Porto Bello St Catharina's Saloon - Chimaera (key Required)

Porto Bello Deserted Quay - Walansche

Porto Bello Desolate Cliff - Bellboy of Mein, Captain Sharffenberger, Vergo the Cursed (Raid Boss, Very Good Loots)

Thuringenwald - Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla

El Lago de Tres Hermanas - Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla

El Tejado Verde - Violent Daemonische

Torsche Mansion Savage Garden - Gehvras

Torsche Mansion Reception Hall - Hollow Footman Captain

Torsche Mansion Grand Library - Victor

Predera de Ceniza - Violent Gehcos, Diablo (Raid Boss)

Rion Prairie - Giant Cockatrice

Rion Dungeon Corridor - Joaquin Bear Leader

Rion Dungeon Hollow - Joaquin Bear Leader

Bonavista River - Giant Cockatrice

Vegas Javier - Powerful Phobitan Imp, Great Hill Giant (Faction Quest), Griffon (Raid Boss)

The Crater of Joaquin - Violent Joaquin Bear

Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus - Dragon Head, Chrysallis (Faction Quest), Dr Fran Mothtein (Faction Quest, Bernelli's Quest)

Prison de Joaquin, The Altar of Despair - Jabberwock Captain

Prison de Joaquin, The Torture Chamber - Vladimir

Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere - Fallen Champion, Succesful Subject (Pioneering Quest)

Prison de Joaquin, Gehanna Bridge - Gerero (Raid Boss)

Old Port of Coimbra - Dekavaria (Raid Boss)

El Ruina de Memoria - Violent Ghost Baron

El Canon de Diabolica - Violent Ghost Baron

Lago Celeste - Golden Spider

Rio Alibi - Giant Comodo

Ustiur Zona Uno - Sabel Tiger, Rafflesia Raid Boss

Ustiur Zona Dos - No Boss (not sure if Sabel Tiger also spawns, will research further)

Ustiur Zona Tres - Sabel Tiger

Ustiur Zona Quatro - Spinosaurus

Skullic Dungeon 1st Floor - Skullic Leader

Skullic Dungeon 2nd Floor - Thoracotomy (Raid Boss)

Skullic Dungeon 3rd Floor - Boneless (Raid Boss)

Skullic Dungeon 4th Floor - Necromancer (Raid Boss, key required)

Topolo Duraga - Phobitan General

Via Fluvial - Dreamblade

Deprimida Valley - Dreamblade

Albertral - Capybara Leader

Capybara Plantation - Golden Bat

Scorching Plateau - Johannes Leader

Katovic Snowfield - Elmorck

Frozen Plain - Elmorck

Snowfield of the Ice Wizard - Avalanche Apparition

I will post more of the bosses next time. I need to do more research on other maps especially those of high level and on maps for the upcoming Bahama Swamp patch. This post is open for comments and corrections if there is any. Thanks.