Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Journey: Who's the Boss?

It's time for you guys to know who the bosses are on each map, uhm for your own safety. c",)V

Reboldoeux Stone Pit - no boss

Ferrucio Junction - Hill Giant

Al Quelt Moreza - Violent Hound Leader

Al Quelt Moreza Nartex - Cerbera, Togat Huganoid

Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage - Siegmund, Togat Huganoid

Al Quelt Moreza Hollow - Dilos Latemn

The Cathari Falls - Skullic Leader

King's Garden - Skullic Leader

Tetra Hills - Phobitan Imp Leader

Tetra Grand Corridor - Phobitan Chieftain

Tetra Catacomb - Siegmund, Pollux

Tetra Golden Road - Castor

Tetra Antiquities Room - Treasure Golem (key required)

Jezebel Glen - no boss

Porto Bello - no boss

Porto Bello Deck - Merman Chieftain, Escudo Percher

Porto Bello Cabin - Siegmund, Norsair Captain

Porto Bello Hold - Parsiar Captain

Porto Bello St Catharina's Saloon - Chimaera (key Required)

Porto Bello Deserted Quay - Walansche

Porto Bello Desolate Cliff - Bellboy of Mein, Captain Sharffenberger, Vergo the Cursed (Raid Boss, Very Good Loots)

Thuringenwald - Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla

El Lago de Tres Hermanas - Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla

El Tejado Verde - Violent Daemonische

Torsche Mansion Savage Garden - Gehvras

Torsche Mansion Reception Hall - Hollow Footman Captain

Torsche Mansion Grand Library - Victor

Predera de Ceniza - Violent Gehcos, Diablo (Raid Boss)

Rion Prairie - Giant Cockatrice

Rion Dungeon Corridor - Joaquin Bear Leader

Rion Dungeon Hollow - Joaquin Bear Leader

Bonavista River - Giant Cockatrice

Vegas Javier - Powerful Phobitan Imp, Great Hill Giant (Faction Quest), Griffon (Raid Boss)

The Crater of Joaquin - Violent Joaquin Bear

Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus - Dragon Head, Chrysallis (Faction Quest), Dr Fran Mothtein (Faction Quest, Bernelli's Quest)

Prison de Joaquin, The Altar of Despair - Jabberwock Captain

Prison de Joaquin, The Torture Chamber - Vladimir

Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere - Fallen Champion, Succesful Subject (Pioneering Quest)

Prison de Joaquin, Gehanna Bridge - Gerero (Raid Boss)

Old Port of Coimbra - Dekavaria (Raid Boss)

El Ruina de Memoria - Violent Ghost Baron

El Canon de Diabolica - Violent Ghost Baron

Lago Celeste - Golden Spider

Rio Alibi - Giant Comodo

Ustiur Zona Uno - Sabel Tiger, Rafflesia Raid Boss

Ustiur Zona Dos - No Boss (not sure if Sabel Tiger also spawns, will research further)

Ustiur Zona Tres - Sabel Tiger

Ustiur Zona Quatro - Spinosaurus

Skullic Dungeon 1st Floor - Skullic Leader

Skullic Dungeon 2nd Floor - Thoracotomy (Raid Boss)

Skullic Dungeon 3rd Floor - Boneless (Raid Boss)

Skullic Dungeon 4th Floor - Necromancer (Raid Boss, key required)

Topolo Duraga - Phobitan General

Via Fluvial - Dreamblade

Deprimida Valley - Dreamblade

Albertral - Capybara Leader

Capybara Plantation - Golden Bat

Scorching Plateau - Johannes Leader

Katovic Snowfield - Elmorck

Frozen Plain - Elmorck

Snowfield of the Ice Wizard - Avalanche Apparition

I will post more of the bosses next time. I need to do more research on other maps especially those of high level and on maps for the upcoming Bahama Swamp patch. This post is open for comments and corrections if there is any. Thanks.

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