Thursday, April 3, 2008


Its maintenance time again. Waah! Anyway I think it's the right time for me to take a look on what has been happening to my family.
I've been focusing much on my fighter now, acknowledging his importance in boss raids and pvp's. I know it's the weapon and armor that I've been missing on him. But where the hell can I get the stuffs the I need if I don't have that much vis. *sob*
After checking my inventory, selling all old stuffs that I think I will no longer need, I'm able to accumulate 200M vis, but sadly its not enough to dress up my beloved fighter.
Then I tried my luck looking at what MM had in store. And here are the stuffs that I got.

Same AR as a +5 Pizzaro although has less damage = 45 million vis

My own crafted shield.

A cheap level 36 shield +5 chipped until I get this awesome stat giving my fighter additional 3DR

My fake Elite Plate Mail. = 100 million vis vs the real one at 300+ million vis

+5 level 96 KOTT with +1DR gives same DR as level 84 Elite Plate Mail.

I'll definitely make this a +6 ^_^

Oops, where did I get this? LOL

My very first real L337 weapon.

I still have 30 Pure Otites reserved for another L337 weapon but I'm still thinking which one to get or should I just sell it to get vis enough to buy me my own Pizzaro. We'll see. ^_^

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