Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet Golden Spidey, your friendly neighbor

Among ambers, the Golden Spider Amber is the easiest one to get. You just have to take the colony quest at Lago Celeste H6 and then kill 10 GS and then you'll get the amber.

It's easy because you just have to hunt it down in its lair inside a cave J4 across the bridge of spiders in Lago Celeste.

It respawns approx. every 21 minutes after the last kill in the same area on both channels. You can do the quest in squads so instead of getting just 1 amber for your family, other families from your faction or alliance can also get their own. There is a huge competition though with other players. But if you just use your fast attacking/ high damage dealing characters, it will be a sure win.

Make sure you can solo this monster with its stat or you'll have little luck competing with others.

Die Spidey Die!

And that's not just it, this boss sometimes gives very good loots (I got an HOD ring, some level 92 and 96 unique items and an Elite Bracelet of Neptune during my hunt, one time a close friend of mine got a unique level 92 Dragon Coat with good stat) Go and start your hunt. Good luck. ^_^

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