Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Outcasts Dominates!!!

It's overflowing with surprises last Sunday. Whew! Well, first, I would like to congratulate E-Games for their successful Domination II: E-Games 2nd Anniversary event. Everybody really had a good time last Sunday inspite of the heat and chaotic crowd that are inevitable in such big events. A big congrats and thanks also to IAHGames especially to RCM Hrin for being able to come and join us avid GE Filipino gamers in this very special day. We hope this will not be the last time we will be seeing you guys.

It was really a BIG day not only for E-Games or IAHGames but for the Outcasts Faction as well. Recognizing our effort in maintaining a group of Pinoy GE gamers with goal of not just creating a close relationship between local players but also of building friendships and camaraderie, and of providing a memorable experience and knowledge to new and old players of GE.

Everyone in Outcasts was very happy when we received the awards. Im sure everybody who's present that day will really feel the energy. We seemed not tired and hungry at all, lol, but who would think of other things if you could see how your efforts are being paid off. ^_^

Anyways, here are the awards that we have won last Sunday.

*Most Active Pinoy Faction*

*Most Loyal Pinoy Faction*

*Best Faction Banner*

Unfortunately our players for the Tournament didn't make it to the top slot but they did their best and we are proud of them. ^_^

And not only the faction received awards that day, but some of our members too received their respective awards for being GE Community Heroes. ( I hope I'll be chosen next time, lol) Congrats to deEspania, iCez (salamat sa sisig, hehe), Kincaid, and Sigrid.

CM Veya, deEspania and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, iCez, and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, Kincaid, and RCM Hrin

CM Veya, Sigrid, and RCM Hrin

The winning banner! OC! OC! OC! =p

OC with CM Veya and RCM Hrin ( we didn't fit the screen, lol, we're too many )

Another picture before leaving SMX

We were planning to stay longer, but it's CW day and it's the start of the War of the Factions 2 in-game event. We really can't afford to miss it, so off we go to I-Hooked in Buendia and prepared our team for the big fight.

And we were really so lucky, because after several weeks, the Republicans made their mark again in the GE Map. Congrats to OC and All-Stars.

CW result 06 April 2008

Everything that happened that day gives a good start for OC. To my factionmates, let us continue dominating guys! Thanks again to E-Games and IAHGames. More power to you and to Granado Espada. ^_^

Special thanks to NineMoons, Gustavo of OC, and Sigrid of OC for the pictures.


Veya said...

naks, active ka na sa pagpost na rin ha~ :D

thanks for coming!

Christus said...

lol. inggit ako sa mga nagka awards e. ^_^