Friday, August 8, 2008

And Novia finally falls...

Well actually she just ran away. No one yet can solo the power of the ice queen, but as part of Gavin's quest, pioneers are given a chance to feel how chilly this boss is, thanks to the veteran's buffs. As expected it wasn't easy. I tried several times before I successfully defeated her. Strategy is a must.

How did it goes when I fought her? Of course a lot of preparations were made first. The usual strategy is to tank and let your elem do the killing. Because Novia is almost impenetrable with physical attacks. I brought my expert fighter to do the tanking. He was just wearing a +5 Elite 84 Plate Mail with 3DR (metal armor is a no-no in this fight because resistance is very low but I have no choice T.T), Pioneer Mystic Shield and Pioneer Mystic Sword (actually any sword will do or blunt, the important thing is the fighter must use either High Guard or Defender stance) I didn't use the Wiseman's Necklace. It's not really necessary. Now for my elem, she is just wearing a +5 Elite 84 Alegrias with 3DR, a +4 Elite 92 Skullic Bracer with 36% ATK and ,believe or not, a +5 Bracelet of Thor with 50% ATK (see how inexpensive the items I used, well that is compared to those who wears elite 92 and level 100 armors and weapons, I didn't even used any +1 AR or DR wings, I'm poor to make it simple) The third character I brought is my scout wearing +5 elite 84 Naranja with 22% max HP, scout is very important here because of his buffs. Intensify and Fortify rings are required to get additional 1 AR and DR. And not just the buffs, Recover and Mass cure skills are also needed in this fight.

What to do:

1. Once you enter the quest, after the loading screen QUICKLY buff Fortify. This will increase your chance of surviving the first blow of Novia's minions. Make sure you are in individual mode and select fighter as leader. Point the cursor to the front so that the fighter will move forward once the fight starts. After the long talk (it consumed 2 minutes of my time) between the NPCs, if you manage to survive the first attack, spam pots to regain the lost HP, provoke the mobs and lure them to one side away from your scout and elem. Then buff Intensify, Meditation, Hrin's Potion, and if you have one use also a Triumph Filler.

2. After completing your buffs, change your scout stance to First-Aid, buff your elem with Enchanted Arm and Elemental Penetration (it would really help if you have rings for both to get additional 2 AR for your elem) then start attacking the mobs with lightning spells. With my weapons it only took me 3 minutes to finish the 3 mobs and Montoro. Don't forget to spam mass cure to keep your family's HP up. 15 minutes left to finish the quest. Gavin was still alive when I attacked Novia. You must position the fighter with his back facing one of the ice pillars so that when Novia uses her knockback ice skill your fighter will not be thrown far away. Focus your elem's attack to Novia but do not put her close to your fighter because Novia's normal attack has splash damage. Position your scout away but not too far so that his recover and mass cure skills can still reach both of your other characters. Check the first screenshot below to see how I positioned my characters.

3. Just keep on spamming Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm skills, do not forget to buff Enchanted Arm and Elemental Penetration. Spam mass cure if needed. Recover if your fighter gets frozen. Keep this for 13 minutes and you will see Novia's HP already down to half. Selva and Gavin will suddenly appear and after a short talk, well I didn't really see it but somehow Gavin got injured badly, then Montoro and Novia disappears. Invierno will then come to the scene. You must talk to him and he will ask you to see him in his spot in Frozen Plains. There he will ask you to give him katovic soup to cure Gavin. After that you will be asked to visit Simon Ayende in City of Auch. Then after a short scene, Simon will tell Gavin to join your family and wallah! you will receive Gavin Jameson card, some epic glaziums, and a level 100 chip. ^_^

Novia's Final Blow

I wonder if Invierno is the one who really scared Novia and Montoro
Victory for Christus Family!