Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey to the Land of the Giants: Part 1

When I've heard that the Great Hill Giant (GHG) that guards the gate to Tierra Putrefacta had fallen, I quickly took a trip to Bahama Marshlands Underground Cave. I don't want to miss the chance to set my eyes upon the beautiful yet deadly realm of Tierra Putrefacta. When I finally set foot at the place, my eyes were mesmerized by huge crystals glowing everywhere. It was like when I first entered the Ice Wizard's Tower. Yeah, these two places both offers a lovely view, but their inhabitants were not as lovely as them. Huge and deadly, my experts characters feels like back to level 1 again. They really hurt bad with their 62 AR/DR. Even with 30 AR weapons some of my attacks misses. Well enough of them, I didn't came to the place for some mob fight. As what I really enjoy in this game, doing quests is what I came here for. But wait, this is the land of giants. Where can I see that big stone head that was posted in the GE website? I continued wandering around the place until I'm able to reach the highest peak in the map and there I see the Stone Head. *eyes full* It was really a great view. Thumbs up to those who made and designed this map.

The Giant Stone Head

Well enough of sight-seeing, it's time to do some quest. I have no idea where to start so I tried doing the Researcher's quest first.
He first asked me to kill some of the mobs because they're scaring his subjects - Achorchados. Isn't Achorchados one of the mobs? Anyways I did what he asked. Then he asked me to gather some foods for the Achorchados in exchange for their Amber. I think they're cute so I did what the resercher asked me.
Golden Leaves can be gathered in Ustiur Zona Tres C4.
For the Golden Egg Fruits, I went to Estevan's Farm.

Well, that was so easy. I received an Achorchado Amber as reward.

Of course I'm so excited to try it out. I went to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge and summoned Achorchado. It's really cute. I wonder how come it doesn't give me Anti-Magic Shell Buff like what it says in the description.

Well maybe because its not threatened, so I summoned some Skullic Warriors, played dead on the ground (lol, I wanna make Achorchado think I need its help) And it did gave AMS buff and starts firing lightning to the enemies.

Go Achorchado!!!

I think it loves being pictured. Smile! ^_^

This is the first part of my journey. I did read some post in the GE forums about how to start the Chaos Requem quest. I did managed to get to the part where I must farm for some Amethyst piece. Can't do it yet however because it's hard to stay in Tierra Putrefacta. I'll do it after I get enough good equips. I'll post my screenies about the Chaos Requem quest next time. I'll play with Achorchado first. ^_^


DeSanggria said...

wow yan pala yung parang ibon sa may GE site. kala ko cross between grabber and the other pet. hehe.

buti ka pa nag-quest na jan. ako di pa rin tapos ang katovic at wala pang nauumpisahan sa bahamas. hahaha. amp.

Christus said...

ang cute noh? hehe

paulvr173cm said...

ayos ah