Monday, August 15, 2011

[Game] sGE World Cross PVP

It was my first time last night, in singles pvp because we have cw during the team match.

First try, I dunno what to do, I just clicked join and then, opponent found but nothing happened, the join button became highlighted again so I tried clicking again, opponent found, and then my characters went in to gehenna pvp room, but I was stucked there for so long, I can't even move, and when I attempt to log out or move to barracks the notice appears.

so 1st try was automatic loss.

2nd try was successful, won game 3:0

3rd try loss, 1:3, irritating paralyzed lol, but still managed to win once.

4th disconnected at loading screen and when I logged back in automatic loss.

5th successful, won 3:0

Overall, I still find world pvp fun to do, never fails to kill boredom but may irritate sometimes specially when losing/disconnecting :P but that's part of playing.

Learn more about sGE World Cross PVP Beta Launch here.

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