Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Boss] Death Wraith

This is actually an old screenshot, when I was still doing the Misfortune of Cortes questline.
Some faction managed to summon the Red Death Wraith in Rembrandt but looks like they failed to down it thats why it was left there showing its ugly face. Of course, I don't wanna miss the chance to get a closer look at it and see how ugly it really is. :-)

There are three types of Death Wraiths: Red, Black, and Blue, all share the same stats but with different resistances. Red has lower resistance against Fire, Black has lower resistance against Mental, and Blue has lower resistance against Ice. They can be found in the hexagon-shaped rooms in Lucifer Underground Laboratory. The colors identifies what type of Death Wraith is in the area.

At these 3 locations of the map, there are 3 Corrupt Takions each. These Takions will be activated by clicking on the black beacons in the same room. Defeat them to summon the Death Wraiths.

These bosses are really painful. They can easily one hit KO any target, only block/evasion will save you. And also they have some minions that appears when they are summoned. Another challenge are the Wisps that flies around the room, if you get contact with these, you'll get debuffs like Enervation, Shock, Freeze, etc, depending on the color of the Wisps.

Do not touch them

What drops does these bosses have? Well, we have of course the very rare Strata Devil Weapon recipes. Death Wraith drops recipe for Polearm, Rapier, Javelin, and Sword. They also drop materials for crafting these recipes (50% chance).

Death Wraith's Tooth - Strata Devil Sword

Death Wraith's Crystal - Strata Devil Javelin

Death Wraith's Nail - Strata Devil Rapier

Death Wraith's Leg - Strata Devil Polearm

Drops also includes Dragon Heart Item (100% chance) and 10 Symbol of Naraka (100% chance)
Just recently a faction in Bach Server got its first Strata Devil Weapon Recipe (Rapier), topic is posted in sGE Forums.

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