Saturday, December 24, 2011

[Contest] v9.5 Loading Screen Contest

This will be my second time joining this type of contest. I'm happy that at least one of my previous entries in the last competition was able to get implemented in-game, although it's sad that I didn't make it to top 10. Hopefully this time I get chosen because I really love to have that Ludin Fireball Costume instead of her normal bright green and red dress.

Anyway, here are my entries. I'll be posting more soon.

Entry 1: Strata Devil Armor - Elementalist

Entry 2: Strata Devil Armor - Fighter (Metal)

Entry 3: Strata Devil Armor - Fighter

Entry 4: Strata Devil Armor - Scout

Entry 5: Strata Devil Armor - Wizard

Entry 6: Strata Devil Armor - Musketeer

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