Thursday, December 27, 2007

Side Trips: Up Close and Personal with Viki The Summoner

At first I was surprised to see some players broadcasting "Buying Caboose need many. PM offer..." I thought it was a joke because who would need that much "almost useless" cabooses for an offered price. Well, I finally heard from my factionmates that Viki's quest is already available. Woah! Like I was really excited to have his card. Anyway, my friend/factionmate Gustavo of Outcasts faction (Caracci) already started his quests early dawn December 26. The whole faction gave him all the goodlucks. He said he spent almost 100 million Vis just for the strange items. T.T Sadly, I don't have that much vis, so I better start farming for those strange thingies. I went to Viki's hut to take his quest before I log out and hopefully finish it by next Wednesday. Then when I logged in that night the same day I was really amazed to see Gustavo training his Viki, which was already level 65. Wow, addict! Haha. That was really fast. He was having trouble though because Viki doesn't have enough SP yet to summon Ararat. But thanks to the +9% Max SP Gloves that Southernsky sold him, that is no longer a problem. Im not sure if he is the first to have Viki in the Caracci Server, I hope he is, and me and Southernsky will be the first to take a look at Viki and his summon Ararat. Here are some of the screenies I took with Gustavo and Southernsky:

Giant Ararat overlooking the mob in the background.

Whaaam! Eat my fist! - Ararat

A close up shot with Viki and Southernsky's elementalist.

For a complete guide on Viki's quest, click here

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