Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Days...

Hi, guys. Sorry if I wasn't able to update my blog for 1 week now. So busy IRL. Don't worry because I already have a lot of topics that I'm sure you guys will find useful.

I'll post more info soon about "Lucifer Castle" and "Byron Clock Tower" Raid. I also just got promoted to Souveran, so I'll include a quest guide on "Secret Society Promotion" soon, including details about "NPC Brown's Daily Quest" and rewards you can get from him, and more info on Alliance War too. Don't hesitate to post your questions or comments, I'll be very happy to answer them.

Hope you guys also like my GE Playlist, these are just some of my favorites soundtracks in-game, I always play these when I'm online instead of listening to the game's own jukebox where only specific music plays for every map. Unfortunately PodSnack limits the number of songs that can be played if not a Premium Member.

And congratulations to me for finally getting Wendy [Valeria], named after the wind dragon mage in the manga "Fairy Tail" who has healing and curing powers as well as wind attack magic. Yeah, you may think its too late for me getting Valeria while I already have all other RNPC's, including Napoleon [Lionel], that only became available in game after her. Believe me I just forgot to get her card that's it. Haha. I also think she will be very useful now to go with my Calyce because of their Combination Buff.

Welcome to ChristusX Family, Wendy

Anyway, thanks for all your support, just keep visiting my blog and let's all enjoy playing Granado Espada.

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Bach said...

Hello, Can I ask about the Lucifer Castle Raid? I am currently playing at SGE and I wanted to know more about this high tier raid. I need your guide on how to finish this raid. Hopefully you can help me about it :D Thank you!