Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Game] Tierra De La Sed

Tierra De La Sed (formerly Tierra Del Amor), is a map that opens only at 1800 to 1900 hours, exclusive only to factions promoted to Esmero or Souveran alliance. The first 30 minutes will be the war period, after the war, the remaining 30 minutes can be used to get the buff from Colony Managers.

Players from opposing parties (Esmero and Souveran) will appear hostile to each other when inside and will compete to win the war. The condition to win is very simple, capture the most number of flags within 30 minutes and you will be victorious.

Tierra De La Sed Map

Red Flags - Esmero Flags (5)
Blue Flags - Souveran Flags (5)
White Flag - Neutral (1)

Hitting the Flags is like hitting colony in Colony Wars,
you can down one faster using Construction Blades or Expert Cannon Skill

Each Base has Guards that seems invulnerable,
they can OHKO any enemy that approaches them.

Tierra De La Sed Colony Manager

Once the winner has been declared, players from both parties can start clicking the colony managers to get buff. Winner will have a 24 hour buff as shown below:

ATK Rating +1. DEF Rating +1, Max HP +5%, Monster Damage +5%,
Combat EXP +20%, Stance EXP +20%, Item drop rate +10%

The buff doesn't stack with Ancient Blessing from Summon Angel or El Antiguo Patrimonio,
but it can stack with EXP Manuals and Pet Buffs.
The losing party can still get 1 AR/DR buff for 24 hours. If in case the war results to a Draw Match, both parties can only get 1 AR/DR buff.

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